The History of the Event

The event began after the decline of the S.C.A.R.S. competition.  McColl Rescue Squad
(later incorporated to McColl E.M.S., and then in 2005 merged with Marlboro County
Rescue) was an annual BLS participant in this event.  In 1997, the idea of a bigger,
better, and more realistic competition was born.  This was a huge undertaking for the
McColl Rescue Squad, as it was a very small, volunteer BLS service at the time.  In fact,
at that point, there had only been two paramedics in the history of McColl Rescue
Squad.  Designing an incredibly realistic and challenging ALS event would be
challenging, but it was done!  By starting small, and by making the event incredibly
realistic, though-provoking, challenging, fun, and fair, the reputation of the event began
to grow and grow.  Teams from a great distance away began to enter.

There were only a few teams registered for the very first year. Many of them were local
services, less than an hour’s drive away. Charleston County E.M.S.(SC) took the top
honors that first year (1997) by winning the event. In 1998, Greenville County   E.M.S.
(SC) was the winner.  1999 had Cumberland County E.M.S. (NC)as the top team.  In
2000, Dunn Rescue Squad (NC) came away victoriously.  The 2001 winner was
Darlington County E.M.S. (SC).The 2002 winner was FirstHealth E.M.S. (NC). In 2003,
Stanly County E.M.S. (NC) was the winner. In 2004 Union E.M.S. (NC) took top honors
as the overall champions.  The 2005 winner was Anson County E.M.S. (NC).  In 2006,
Union E.M.S. (NC) came away as champions.  Charleston County E.M.S. (SC) won the
2007 event.  In 2008, Greenville County E.M.S. (SC) once again came away champions.
The 2009 winner of the event was Cape Fear Valley E.M.S. (Cumberland County E.M.S.)
from NC.  In 2010, Cumberland County EMS was victorious. The 2011 event winner
was Cabarrus County E.M.S. (NC).  In 2012, Cumberland County E.M.S. came away
with top honors.  In 2013 the  winners were Wilson County E.M.S. (NC).  In 2014,
Cabarrus County EMS (NC) once again took top honors.  Lancaster County EMS (SC)
brought home the first place trophy in 2015. The 2016 event champion was Cabarrus
County EMS (NC).  This was their third time winning the competition. In 2017,
Charleston County EMS was the event winner.  This was also that service's third time
winning the event!  Fairfield County EMS (SC) came away with the victory in 2018.The
grand champion of the 2019 event was Florence County EMS.

The Carolina Competitio has grown quickly over the years due to the uniqueness, and
incredible challenge of the event.  
2020 will mark the 24th  year of its existence.  It
has become “the yardstick by which all other E.M.S. Competitions are measured”, as is
evidenced by the numerous team entries from both of the Carolinas.  We take great
pride in the quality of this competition.  A challenging, thought-provoking, fair
experience for all team members is guaranteed.

The future of the event is certain.  It will continue to grow in both size and reputation.  
Teams will look forward to October of each year for a weekend of education, fellowship,
and fun. The event also allows the general public to gain a better understanding of just
what it is that we do in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine, as well as see the
incredible amount of knowledge, skills, and dedication is required to be a paramedic.