"How it Works"
On Friday afternoon, the competing  teams will arrive at the hotel to "check-in" as
well as to confirm their arrival to the event at the Carolina Competition desk.
competition teams are required to bring an ambulance or emergency
vehicle to the event that is fully stocked with equipment, supplies and
 The teams will use their own ambulance to compete out of. A dinner
will be provided for the teams, event staff, and judges.  Afterwards, a meeting will be
held to thoroughly discuss the event, review the rules, cover needed equipment and
supplies, discuss scoring methods, and answer any questions that the team
members may have.  The teams will then be moved to a sequestering location.  In
scenario #1, one team will compete at a time, until all teams have finished.  The
scenario will be extremely challenging and realistic.  A viewing area will be set up so
that families and friends may watch and cheer on their teams.  Information and
directions will be provided for families and friends to the scenario location "viewing
area" once all of the teams have been sequestered. Those that are watching are
encouraged to bring a folding chair, as well as a cooler with drinks and snacks if

On Saturday morning  team members wishing to take the optional Written Exam
Competition will be able to do so.  The exam will consist of 75 multiple-choice
questions and it will have a 45-minute time limit.  
This part of the event is an
individual competition
.  Both team members are not required to compete in the
written exam, but all are asked to participate.  The scores from this competition
be factored into the scenario competition.  Awards for first, second, and third
place in the Written Exam Competition will be given. It is a "stand alone" competition.

After a short break, the second competition scenario will begin.  This one is
completely different from the one on Friday night. Teams will compete in the same
manner as previously described.  Again, one team will compete at a time.

The scores from Scenario #1 and Scenario #2 will be combined in order to
arrive at a final score for each team.
 The top four teams will receive awards.  
For further details on how the teams compete and are graded, see the RULES
section of this site.

On Saturday evening, an Awards Banquet will be held.  Dinner will be served and top
finishers will receive their plaques and awards. This is a ticketed event.